Moving in or moving out?

  • Moving to a new home? Here is checklist when moving in:

    1. Pay the rental security deposit.

    2. Sign an electricity contract (excluding Hiihtäjäntie 7).

    3. Submit a notification of change of address.

    4. Remember to buy a home insurance.

    Move-in day

    The move-in day is the day you can get the keys and move in to your new apartment. The move-in day is the first working day of the lease agreement (so it can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd day of the month). During the weekends and holidays you can't get the keys. So when arranging your move, pay attention on which day you can get the keys.

    You can get your keys after 13:00 o'clock. Take with you: your official ID and the payment receipt of your rental security deposit (photo / screenshot is enough). Look exact info from "The Keys"-section.

    Check the condition of the apartment

    Check the condition of the apartment and report comments and claims within 3 days of the beginning of the lease. Please take photos of the faults and email them:

    Store the photos for yourself, so that the condition of your apartment is clear both for you and Nuorisosäätiö.
    Check that the fire alarm is working and replace the battery if needed.

    Inform the maintenance company of your moving in

    With this you can get your name to the door/letterbox/name plate etc. Make an electronic fault report and choose "Nimenvaihtoilmoitus" and write to the text field your lastname (the name you want to the door).

  • Moving out

    To-do list when moving out:

    1. Empty the apartment (and the storage room).
    Recycle unnecessary goods/furniture in social media recycling groups or carry them directly to the recycling center. Don’t carry big waste in the waste room.

    2. Leave the apartment in good condition for the next tenant:
    Make a thorough cleaning (look the guidelines below). If the cleaning has not been done properly, we will charge you according to the invoice of the professional cleaner (starting from 150-600€).

    Plug the washing machine and dishwasher water and drain connections properly. If any changes have been made to the cabinet during the installation, repair the dishwasher cabinet in place.

    Check that the fire alarm and the ceiling outlets and screw terminals (under the lamp mountings) are in place on the roof. Do not leave ceiling lamps in the apartment.

    3. Return the keys on the 1st working day (11:00 at the latest) following the end of the lease.
    See the place where to return the keys from "The Keys"-section.

    Moving out cleaning guidelines

    Cleaning of the apartment must be done by the out moving tenant before returning the keys. The cleaning is recommended to do when the apartment is empty. When you follow these guidelines, you will avoid extra costs. The work done by a professional cleaner is always more expensive than the work done by yourself!

    Stubborn and greasy dirt often does not clean with the universal detergent alone. Use more effective alkaline cleaners to clean the dirt. Always make sure that the detergent is suitable for the surface material and follow the instructions of the product.


    Clean the inside and outside of the oven; including the back and sides of the oven. Clean also the oven trays. Use the oven cleaning detergent to the interior of the oven. Clean the cooker hood and the cooker hood grease filter.

    Switch off the refrigerating equipment (fridge and freezer), melt the ice from the refrigeration equipment (watch that water does not drain on the floor). After defrosting, clean the appliance inside and outside with a mild detergent. Check that the refrigeration unit is switched off and leave the doors of the appliance open to prevent musty smell / mildewing.

    Wash all kitchen cabinets and cupboards inside and out. Clean thorough especially the kitchen trash can and the waste bins.

    Clean all the countertops, sink and faucet.

    Bathroom and toilet:

    Wash the walls and floors of the bathroom.

    Wash the toilet seat, bathroom sink and faucets.

    Clean solid cabinets and mirror.

    Clean floor drains and stench trap.

    If there is a sauna in the apartment: wash the sauna benches, walls and floors. Clean the floor drain.

    Walls and floors:

    Hoover and mop all floor surfaces of the apartment (clean also the skirting boards). Remove stains and dirt that have accumulated on the floor and walls. 

    Things to remember:

    Wash the windows (during the winter time wash at least the inner surfaces and dust from the window spacings)

    Clean and wipe the interior and exterior doors both sides.

    Clean all the ventilation valves.

    Stocks and other facilities:

    If the apartment has a balcony or yard, clean them up.

    Hoover the storage facilities that is part of your apartment or has been in your use.

  • Termination of the Lease Agreement

    Tenant can terminate the lease by filling out the electronic notice of termination. The notice period is one full calendar month.

    The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which Nuorisosäätiö has received the notice of termination (15th of May sent termination of the lease: the notice period for the terminated rental apartment expires on 30th June).

    NOTICE of termination

    If termination of the lease doesn't work from the online service, ask for a termination form from our customer service:

    Temporary lease expires on the date of the lease without notice.

    Termination of the lease incase of two principal (main) tenants:

    Both main tenants need to send the termination notice separately. The rental security deposit will be fully refunded to the bank account of one of the main tenants, so please enter only one account number when terminating the lease (the other tenant can leave the account number field blank).

    If only one of the parties terminates his/her lease: The party terminating the lease will have to write in the additional information field, that the other party will be staying in the apartment, and that only the other tenant will move out. Before the other tenant moves out of the apartment, check the condition of the apartment (Something has been broken during the stay? are there any repairs needed?); And that all the original keys to the apartment are preserved.

    When the other tenant moves out, the tenant remaining in the apartment is responsible for the entire rent, the condition of the apartment and the apartment keys.

    The rental security deposit will not be refunded until both have moved out of the apartment.


  • The Keys

    Collecting the keys

    New tenant can collect the keys of the apartment on the first working day of the rental agreement starting from 13:00. Take with you the receipt of the paid rental security deposit (photo / screenshot is enough) and your official ID. The first working day of the month is usually busy at the Nuorisosäätiö's office, so book enough time for the visit.

    Returning the keys

    The keys must be returned on the working day following the end of the lease (11:00 at the latest). The keys can also be returned earlier. If all the original keys are not returned within the time limit, the lock will be changed and the costs of the change will be charged to the tenant.

    Places to collect and return the keys

    Depending of the location of the apartment, collecting and returning the keys goes either through the office of Nuorisosäätiö, your home maintenance company or the local lock service. It is recommended that you check the opening hours of the offices on their own websites.

    Below is a list of the offices for collecting and returning the keys (by municipality of your residential building):

    Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Sipoo
    Avainahjo Oy
    Hermannin Rantatie 10, 00580 Helsinki
    p. 010 239 2900

    Järvenpää, Kerava
    Kotikatu Oy
    Yhteiskouluntie 17, 04400 Järvenpää p. 020 7931022 (24h)

    Kiinteistöhoito Koskelainen
    Sotkankatu 6, 15150 Lahti, p. 0400 711 180 (Book your meeting beforehand by phone)

    HH-kiinteistöpalvelut Oy
    Viinikankatu 53, 33800 Tampere p. 010 3950 395

    Exact dates for collecting and returning the keys

    Below is a list of the dates during 2021 when you can collect and return your keys. You can also return the keys earlier. 

    Mon   4.1.2021
    Mon   1.2.2021
    Mon   1.3.2021
    Thur   1.4.2021
    Mon   3.5.2021
    Tue    1.6.2021
    Thur   1.7.2021
    Mon   2.8.2021
    Wed   1.9.2021
    Fri      1.10.2021
    Mon   1.11.2021
    Wed   1.12.2021

  • Condition Inspections of the Apartment

    At the end of the lease, there are two separate condition inspections of the apartment. Inspections do not require the presence of the tenant; the apartment will be entered with a master key. If you have a pet or other obstacle of using a master key in your apartment, please email us:

    Preliminary check

    In the preliminary check, the general condition of the apartment will be checked. The check will be made 12th-20th of the last month of residence during the general office hours (from 8am to 4pm on working days). No exact time can be agreed. Written notification of the inspection will be left in the apartment.

    Final Inspection

    Final inspection is made after the end of the lease usually on the 1st or 2nd working day. Based on the final inspection will be ordered cleaning, maintenance and renovation work to the apartment if necessary. Repair work made out of normal wear and tear, will be charged for the tenant.

  • Returning of the Rental Security Deposit

    Mainly, the rental security deposit will be returned to the tenant within one month of the end of the lease: assuming that the apartment is in good condition and there isn't more than normal wear and tear.

    Please, let us know your account details when you terminate your lease, so that we can return your deposit.

    In order to return the deposit, all the original keys / key cards must be returned on time, all the rentals and other charge have to be paid and the apartment cleaned in accordance with the cleaning guidelines. The apartment and its storage facilities must be empty of all the goods: otherwise the out moving tenant will be charged for the export of the goods. 

    If the apartment is not in good condition and we have to order renovation work (or cleaning work), the outmoving tenant will be charged according to the actual costs of the contractor. This kind of work is withheld from the deposit and in these cases processing of the deposit can take more than a month.

    When will I get my deposit back?

    Returning a rental security deposit is always case-specific. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer to inquiries about the date of returning of a deposit. In many cases, the deposit will be refunded approximately one month after the end of the lease - take this into account, for example, when collecting money for the next apartments rental deposit.

  • Electricity

    Electricity is not included in the rent (except for Hiihtäjäntie 7). An electricity contract for a new apartment is worth making before moving. Compare the price differences between the electricity contracts of different electricity companies and make a contract.


    Water is not included in the rent. The water fee is automatically added to the payment specification based on the number of people living in the household.

    The amount of the water fee varies between 19-28 € per person / month. In the most of our properties the water fee is 23 € per person / month.

    Internet connection

    Some of our properties have a housing company's broadband that includes to the rent. Activate your internet connection on the service provider's website.

    Internet access is included to the rent:

    Herttuanportti 4 (Elisa)
    Kumppaninkuja 1 (Elisa)
    Pellaksenmäentie 13 (Telia)

    Henrik Lättiläisen katu 5 (DNA)
    Isosaarentie 2 (Elisa)
    Tyynenmerenkatu 7 (Elisa)

    Bjarnenkuja 8 (Elisa)

    Rauhankatu 10 (DNA)
    Herraskuja 2 (DNA)
    Roopenkuja 4 / Rouvaskuja 1 (DNA)

    Orioninkatu 14 (Telia)