• Delay in rent payment

    The rent due date cannot be extended. In the event of late payment for any reason, interest will add up starting from the due date. It is advisable to pay a delayed rent as soon as possible to minimize extra charges. Nuorisosäätiö sends monthly payment reminders for overdue payments. In case of debt, you will receive a payment tip by email from Nuorisosäätiö and a reminder letter by post. The debt should be paid to the normal rent account including all additional charges. If we do not receive the payment by the due date of reminder, the debt will be transferred to Intrum Oy, and the debt will incur additional collection fees and interest on arrears.

    Check from the letter you have received which collection agency you need to contact, if in doubt:

    Phone: (09) 2291 1954

    Svea Perintä

    Phone: (09) 4242 3050

  • Priority in payment of bills

    The list below is based on Takuusäätiö, Legal Aid (Oikeusapu) and other rental companies recommendations:

    1. Rent and water fee

    2. Electricity bill

    3. Food and essential household items

    4. Medicines

    5. Phone

    6. Commute travel tickets or travel card

    7. Insurances

    8. Clothing

    9. Entertainment and other purchases

    The rent is always the first payment due, as failure to pay the rent will result in termination of rental agreement and default of payment. You can negotiate more about due dates for other invoices.

  • Advice in debt situations provided by:

    Takuusäätiö’s Fund Debt Line: tel. 0800 98009 weekdays 10am - 2pm

    Takuusäätiö’s Ask About Money -Chat:

    Financial and debt counseling service:

    Oman kuntasi sosiaalitoimi Social worker / office in your own municipality 

  • Daily financial planning and saving money

    Check out your household financial situation

    Takuusäätiö’s Budget Calculator

    Penno application for calculating income and expenses

    Marttaliitto's Financial Planning Page